How Nearpod Works

Nearpod is an app-based digital platform that facilitates teachers to create interactive lessons and make learning more engaging for their students. It uses gamification to make learning more fun and engaging. In addition, this digital platform is highly compatible with numerous existing LMS (learning management systems) tools, like Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and YouTube. Educators can conveniently import their existing media to make a lesson fast.   

How Does Nearpod Work

Nearpod is a very helpful tool for teachers and students. It houses more than 8.5 thousand interactive lessons, 10.2K interactive videos, and more than 33, 000 games and activities. Here is more on how Nearpod works:

1. Nearpod helps teachers make each lesson interactive

With this app-based tool, you (teachers) can make a lesson interactive for your students. You can create a video, lesson, or activity as per your choice. This platform allows you to upload your preferred resources, such as Google Slides, Videos, PowerPoints, and PDFs. Or, it lets you choose from its library of ready-to-teach lessons, videos, customizable, standard-aligned premade lessons, and activities from reliable educational publishers. The number of such premade teaching materials is more than 22, 000. 

2. It allows you to customize lessons 

This digital platform contains more than 20 formative assessments as well as dynamic media experiences. You can use Drag & Drop, Draw It, VR Field Trips, Polls, Open-Ended Questions, PhET Simulations, and allied others to enhance learning engagement and check student understanding. 

3. Visualization adds learning and enhances student comprehension 

You can use the insights from dynamic media features and formative assessments to facilitate your teaching and enhance the learning results at your students’ end. With this tool, you can modify your teaching and sort out the misconceptions of your students in real time.   

4. It allows you to choose your teaching method

The tool offers you three options to teach your students – Live Participation, Student-Paced, and Front of Class. Whatever the instruction method you choose, Nearpod allows you to have complete control. As per your need, you can enable students to access the platform for a session, stop them from viewing the screen, etc.   

5. It lowers your lesson creation time  

You can search for standard lessons from its library. It has pre-made standard lessons from brands like iCivics, PhET, and Readworks. For video lessons, you can rely on SciShow Kids and CrashCourse in the Nearpod library. You can easily customize these resources as per your students’ needs.