Nearpod Subscription Plans

Nearpod, a learning management software tool, allows educators to create interactive lessons, share lessons with students, and improve students’ learning engagement & outcomes. It allows teachers to use existing tools, such as Google Classroom, Schoology, and virtual reality for lesson creation, student assessment, and teaching experience improvement. For educators, Nearpod has two plans – Individual Educators and Schools & Districts. 

Nearpod Subscription Plans for Individual Educators

In the section of Individual Educators, Nearpod offers three options – the Silver License, Gold License, and Platinum License. The first, Silver License, is free of cost and offers 100 MB Storage. A teacher can make 40 students participate in a session. You, an individual teacher, need to subscribe to the Gold License plan if you want to increase your storage and student participation. The Gold License subscription plan allows you to store your data up to 1GB and invite 75 students for a session. When you move to the 3rd subscription plan for Individual Educators, Platinum License, you will have 5GB Storage and can invite 90 students for a session. 

In detail, you can add and customize interactive slides-based lessons up to your storage, , which ranges from 100MB in the Silver License Plan to 5GB in the Platinum License Plan. You can upload your own or choose from standard interactive videos in your lesions. In addition, you can add gamification and activities like Dlimb, Draw It, and Drag & Drop. You can choose your teaching/lesson delivery mode from three options – Live Participation, Student-Paced, and Front of Class. 

Nearpod Subscription Plans for Schools and Districts 

As a school or district administrator, you have a single plan, which is available after paying the requisite subscription plan, Premium Plus. You can schedule a call after visiting the official website of This plan offers you unlimited storage and allows you to invite 250 students for a session. You have unlimited access to Nearpod library storage and you can create a lesson of up to 250 MB. Further, you can complete access to 

  • Instructional Planning, Delivery & Collaboration
  • Support & Customization
  • 8, 500+ Pre-made Lessons
  • Pre-built Interactive Videos
  • And everything that is included in subscription plans for Individual Educators. 

Nearpod Premium Plus Plan can cost you around $150 a month. Visiting the official website or scheduling a call can help you know the exact price of a subscription plan for Individual Educators or Schools & Districts.